Love of our homeland

Pure nature, wherever you look. Forests, meadows, streams and lakes.

Our highland cattle

Our highland cattle live in family groups on our pasture all year round.

The calves stay with their mothers for eight to nine months. In summer, our cattle feed on
fresh grass, in winter on hay and grass silage from the meadows surrounding Kastanienhof.

The careful and species-appropriate breeding leads to very tasty meat of excellent quality.
The meat from these naturally raised cattle is of a delicatessen standard and is highly
recommended for health-conscious gourmets.

Highland cattle are not fattening cattle. Owing to their slow growth, the meat is more mature,
with a low proportion of water, which is noticeable during frying or roasting. The meat keeps its
consistancy and does not shrink. The meat of highland cattle contains less fat and cholesterol
and is therefore also suitable for diet cuisine.

It has a powerful, typical taste and is fine, juicy, dark and tender. The special, intense taste is
due to the fine fat marbling that runs through the flesh and gives it a strong aroma.

Renewable energies

  • Photovoltaics
  • Woodchip heating

Our Christmas trees from our own cultivation

  • Our Christmas trees are sold from 1.12. directly at the country hotel, also on Sundays.
  • Your direct contact person is Bernhard Holfelder 0151 110 70735
  • Christmas tree emergency service also on 24.12. until 15:00